Selasa, 4 Ogos 2015

Lewis Structure for Iodate ion, IO3-

Let us consider the case of  IO3- :

Step 1: Draw skeletal structure
The central atom will be the I atom since it is the less electronegative. 
Connect the atoms with single bonds:

Step 2: Calculate the total valance electron

Iodine: 7e  x 1   = 7e
Oxygen: 6e x 3 = 18e
charge -1           = 1e
Tatol                 = 26e

Step 3 : Complete the octet.
Complete the surrounding atom then, the central atom..
Iodine is element from period 5. It can form expended octet.

Lewis structures for IO3-
Figure 1: Lewis structures for IO3-. The iodine atom is not restricted to an octet. Double bonds may be generated from the oxygen lone pairs so that to minimize charge separation.

make sure that you draw [   ] for each of lewis structure because it is anion.