Khamis, 24 Julai 2014




Cikgu Zamrud

What Kind of Teacher I am?

Sorry if you feel irritated with this post, but i would like to write in English. I know my English isn't so good but i would like to express my feeling this way. Sorry ya! 

I really miss the moment teaching at school. I miss the student noise. I miss the student childish behavior. I miss the provocation student made. I miss a lot of thing there. Every difficult hour change me to be a better teacher. Teaching at school is a wonderful experience to me.

At here, there is no noise. The lecture is quite, the tutorial is quite as well as the practical class. There is no provocation at all. All student is very well behave. Until sometimes i thought that they are quiet because they are too tired. Too many assignment, too many quiz and too many topic to revise in a short time.

And I'm a part of their problem. Of course i give them a bulk of homework. There is a lot of question given, but limited time to discuss during the tutorial. Some lecturer, they will conduct an extra class, to discuss each question given. But i believe the student do not need that extra class. They can discuss the question with their group mates. If there is further problem, they can meet me in person.

But then, i realize that some of the student, they have an inferior problem. They want to look great in front of other, do not admit they have problem in certain topic, dont want ask helps from their friend and dont want to meet me for consultation... this kind of student is hard for me to handle.

If  I start entertain this kind of student, make an extra class to full spoon feeding them, i'm afraid they they cant survive at university. But my IPPA (index prestasi pensyarah akademik) is base on their semester result. And of course i want an excellent IPPA. If you want to know, my IPPA is base on 14 students only. Yes, dont be surprise,  I teach only one tutorial class, which has 14 members.

I  really dont want to trade them like i trade  the school student. I believe that a lecturer can only open the door and the student must enter by themselves. I want to cheer them only. They must take the main role in thier study.

The Ujian Pertengahan Semester, UPS is just on the corner. I'm looking forward thier pre-UPS and UPS result. I will reflect my way of teaching base on their performance. If they have a good result, then i know they are comfortable with my teaching style, but if the result is below expectation, i need to try other alternative. Ohh, i really hope they make a good preparation for pre-UPS and UPS. Nothing come easily and success must be pay with never lasting effort.

To teachers, teach the student from your heart, not just from the book. If a doctor can save a life, a teacher can save a generation.

Selasa, 22 Julai 2014

MH 370 dan MH 17: Suratan Atau Kebetulan


Selepas peristiwa kehilangan MH 370 di Lautan Hindi, Malaysia dikejutkan lagi dengan peristiwa MH 17 terhempas di sempadan Ukraine. MH 17 terhempas kerana ditempak oleh peluru berpandu, dipercayai dari jenis 'Buk' atau SA-11 yang dimiliki oleh kumpulan pemisah pro-Rusia.

Kenapa pasawat MAS yang hilang, yang ditembak? MAS milik Malaysia, sebuah negara kecil, negara dunia ketiga, kuasa ekonomi yang kecil. Apabila pesawat MAS hilang dan ditembak, sebenarnya Malaysia tersepit antara dua kuasa ekonomi dunia, Rusia dan US. Sedar atau tidak, kedua-dua negara ini memberi tekanan diplomatik yang sangat kuat kepada Malaysia. Tersilap langkah, terlanjur kata akan menyebabkan politik dan ekonomi Malaysia hancur.

Helah dua negara itu, menyebabkan tahun ini tahun berduka untuk seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Walaupun tiada saudara mara atau rakan terdekat saya yang terlibat dalam MH370 atau MH17, cubit peha kanan, peha kiri akan terasa.